Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dark days in New Zealand

Well, Ruth Ellen & I are coming to the end of a wonderful vacation in New Zealand, but we are sharing in the shock & sadness here as Christchurch suffered a devastating earthquake yesterday. All of our family here is safe & sound, but it's heartbreaking to watch helplessly as these folks desperately search for loved ones. I know there have been many of y'all have gotten in touch with the shop & Abby asking about us, & we thank you for your care. Please spare a moment for a prayer & thought for those folks who aren't as lucky as we are.


  1. Beth - so glad to hear you and RE are ok. My prayers go out to everyone in NZ in the wake of this tragedy.

  2. Beth,
    Saw Molly's note and am glad to know that you all are okay! Sending thoughts and prayers to everyone in NZ. Have a safe journey home!