Friday, February 4, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday fast approaches

We have been CRAZED at the shop this week! I'd like to say i'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend, but instead I'm gonna go with "crazy". of course, the big event is our annual Super Bowl sale at The Strawberry Sampler on Sunday from noon to 4; 2 basketball games & baseball throwing clinic; dinner with Carol (yay!); and OH YEAH pack for my trip! Yikes. Oh well, it's a long flight - I can catch up on my sleep after enjoying a few glasses of superb New Zealand wine, a lovely dinner (no pretzels or peanuts), a movie or two and my good friend ambien! Carm has continued to reinforce the fact that we need NO HEAVY CLOTHES. Which is great, except now I gotta go down to the pool house(no easy feat,as the snow is still piled up against the gate), and try to find a bathing suit that A. Fits (hahahahahahahahah) and B. Isn't frozen solid..aah well, I suspect I'll survive.
I'm finally getting close enough to get excited! New Zealand is beautiful, the people are fantastic, particularly our family!
We'll arrive just in time for Carm's birthday bash (perhaps a red velvet cake would be in order!). Then we'll head south from Hamilton towards the Capitol of Wellington. And we'll be driving....on the left. Every time I drive over there, I continually hear that Beyonce song in my head,"to the left, to the left". This should provide for some interesting discussions between Mom (Carm's way older - 18yrs -sister) and Carm and probably me! Ah, well, we'll just stop for some wedges and some hokey pokey ice cream and it's all good

Still trying to figure out how to transfer pics onto my iPad but soon, I promise.

Well, I am off to spend some quality time with my best girl, Casee, who I will miss terribly.

Hope to see y'all at the Super Bowl Sale on Sunday!!!


  1. Hope you and Ruth Ellen have a relaxing and FUN trip. We'll miss you both at stitching night, but look forward to some great stories at March stitching. Take care and enjoy the warmth.

    Bon Voyage!!!

  2. Well we plan to keep them busy. You can't fly half way around the world and sit too much. Hamilton, Taupo, Wellington, Rotorua, Tauranga, and then the beach Tairua. Lots of stops for smoko(snack breaks), plenty of NZ sauvignon blanc wine, and of course laughter will be the norm. Just wish they could stay longer.

  3. You definitely need the iPad camera kit. It's about $35 at Best Buy, and you can transfer photos to your iPad directly from your camera or the camera's memory card. Best investment ever for an iPad!