Sunday, February 6, 2011


What a day! We had such a blast seeing so many friends today! Thanks for being there with us, thanks for hanging in there with us when we had technical difficulties (only happens when it's busy!),and most of all thanks for just being who you are! Whether we get to see you every week, or only "see" you over the Internet, we really do love seeing all y'all! Just a couple shout outs - Danielle & Danielle, loved seeing the newest picture of Colin, Melba thanks for bringing Amiga in - she is cuter than cute & you can already tell how much she loves you, and Page you're just the best - you always make us smile (especially on TV!).
I've got to sign off & go to sleep, so I can get up bright & early tomorrow & get to the shop & fill orders (& order MORE STUFF!). Oh, that reminds me, we got a message that we CAN still get the heirloom tomatoes pincushions & the needle leaves needle books (a secret stash was found - YAY!), so if anyone wants to add those to their order, just let us know!
I'm gonna get Molly to show me how to add pictures to this tomorrow (Maggie, thanks for the word about the camera thing, got it but haven't been able to get from iPad to here yet.)

Congratulations Green Bay! Molly will be a happy camper tomorrow! Now it's time for BASEBALL!

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  1. We had a SUPER TIME!!!! Have a safe trip...enjoy, relax and SOAK UP THE SUN!!