Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Greetings from New Zealand!

That's right, gang, it's hot here!  Can I EVEN tell you how happy that makes me???  Yes, it's warm, sunny, beautiful!  We have had a fantastic time so far.  We had birthday tea on Saturday, then big family tea (dinner) on Sunday.  On Monday we headed to Lake Taupo & it was glorious!  One of the gals that used to work with Carm at Habitat has moved there & bought a small hotel, so we stayed there - right on the shore of the BEAUTIFUL lakefront. It was stunning.  If you're ever here, you need to stay at Cascades.   Then we headed off to Wellington - love being in a city!!!  Again, on the water & gorgeous!  Mostly what we have done, though, is what we like to lovingly call "recreational eating".  Breakfast, then morning smoko (break), then lunch, afternoon smoko, then happy hour, then tea (dinner).  Yep, we're doing lots of weight-loss stuff here - NOT!  I have done zero stitching - too busy planning our next feeding. 
Molly has kept me updated on what's new & I was checking the new Hoffman stuff just like y'all! 
Well, my time is about up, so I should post this before I get cut off!
Talk again soon!

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