Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The next adventure!

Well, it's finally happened - I've been tempted by the blog bug! I blame Molly, of course! She makes it look so fun & EASY...and yet, it's not! However, as I've decided not to drag my computer to New Zealand, I can blog on my iPad while Molly keeps you up to date on what's new at the shop. Just when you thought you'd get 2 weeks without my yip-yap...but no! So, we'll see.
Now, on to the real reason I'm not taking my computer (aside from the fact that I'm going on vacation). It weighs too much! Remember the good old days, when you could check 5 bags if you wanted to, and anyone could stroll down to the gate to meet you, and you got AN ENTIRE CAN of soda? Yeah, well if you do, I've got bad news: you're old! So, with only 1 checked bag allowed, it was computer or shoes...what would you pick? My new "toy" (my iPad), has already become an addiction, although I have yet to discover the fascination of "Angry Birds" (ask a kid...or my sister...it's the "in" new computer game). However, during my 24 hours of plane rides, I'm sure anything will start to look good!
Wondering what's the story behind the name of this blog? No? Sorry, I'll tell ya anyway! My initials are BED (thanks, Mom - hers are RED!), and the linens part, obviously, comes from stitching - thus, BEDlinens!
Well, it's time to check the weather again, and I hate to push my luck here, so I'll sign off with a promise of pictures & goodies to come!

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